• Measurement:

To make your dog's collar you will need to measure the circumference of the neck using a tape measure. If a tape measure is not available, you can use a tape or a cord that you will run around the neck, then record the measurement on a ruler. Take the measurement in the middle of the neck, not too much towards the head nor towards the chest but right in the middle :)
To be sure of the measurement, repeat the operation a couple of times.
The measurement should preferably be taken with the dog in a standing position!

Don't measure old collars!
Misura collare cane
To make the harness you will need to measure the circumference of the neck and chest immediately after the front legs, as shown in the figure.

Misura pettorina cane

Example of choice of collar size:If your dog has a 40cm neck circumference and you choose the 5cm wide collar, the ideal size is XXS - 36 to 45cm.

Sizes Collars 2cm wide

  • S - from 24 to 30cm
  • M - from 29 to 35cm
  • L - from 34 to 40cm
  • XL - from 39 to 45cm
  • XXL - from 44 to 50cm
  • XXXL - 49 to 55cm

Sizes Collars 3cm wide

  • XXXS - from 29 to 37cm
  • XXS - from 34 to 42cm
  • XS - from 39 to 47cm
  • S - from 44 to 52cm
  • M - 49 to 57cm
  • L - from 54 to 62cm
  • XL - 59 to 67cm
  • XXL - from 64 to 72cm

Sizes Collars 4cm wide

  • XXXS - from 29 to 37cm
  • XXS - from 34 to 42cm
  • XS - from 39 to 47cm
  • S - from 44 to 52cm
  • M - 49 to 57cm
  • L - from 54 to 62cm
  • XL - 59 to 67cm
  • XXL - from 64 to 72cm

Sizes Collars 5cm wide

  • XXXS - from 31 to 40cm
  • XXS - from 36 to 45cm
  • XS - from 41 to 50cm
  • S - from 46 to 55cm
  • M - from 51 to 60cm
  • L - from 56 to 65cm
  • XL - 61 to 70cm
  • XXL - from 66 to 75cm
  • XXXL - from 71 to 80cm

Sizes Collars 6cm wide

  • XXS - from 35 to 45cm
  • XS - from 40 to 50cm
  • S - from 45 to 55cm
  • M - from 50 to 60cm
  • L - from 55 to 65cm
  • XL - from 60 to 70cm
  • XXL - from 65 to 75cm
  • XXXL - 70 to 80cm

All our products are made based on the order placed. No changes are made for the wrong size. If you would like assistance or have any doubts about the measurement please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page orWhatsapp

  • How our products are made?

The characteristics of our products are the result of years of experience both in the artisan and dog field. Reliability and safety are in the first place without ever neglecting aesthetics and attention to detail. To achieve this we use high-strength nylon material. They are available in several variations of colors, we do not use any type of material of animal origin and for this reason our products are cruelty free!

Below is a brief description of the Collar made by EvilCollar

Collari EvilCollar

1. Width of the collar, optionally in the widths 2, 3, 4, 5, 6cm
2. Buckle closure and loop where the telephone number is usually placed for Collars 3, 4, 5,6cm
3. View of the Collar in full
4. Point where the Customization is carried out
5. Adjustment holes
6. Label, inside the collar, which certifies our production
7. Detail of the collar sewn in triple thickness for Collars of 3, 4, 5cm
8. Buckles and oversized rings. The D-ring is soldered!

Our products are machine washable at 40 or hand wash with cold water! Please beware of sea water which may damage the Collar. The representation of the products usually corresponds to the photographic image. The colors of the ribbon and names may vary from the original, it may be due to the device (smartphone, pc) and the lighting of the screen with which they are displayed. It is understood that the image itself has the purpose of presenting them for sale and may therefore not be perfectly representative of its characteristics.

  • What is meant to be customized?

Unique are our beloved dogs. Unique and original we would like the Collar, the Harness and the Leash to be for them! EvilCollar creates for you products with infinite customization possibilities, your most unique choices and desires. Choice of fonts, symbols and flags, patterns, padding and stud appliqués! For customization with special characters you can contact us to check availability.

The cost of customized products varies according to the type of customization chosen.

  • What models we make?

The collars can be classic with Buckle and, on request, Semi-stub, snap closure (Clip) and Martingale. Semi-Cropped and Martingale Collars are not recommended for growing dogs.

Harnesses are available in the classic H-model (Roman) or Swedish-Norwegian model on request.a.

The classic leashes in 2 or 3cm width and any length or training model.

  • How soon will I have my order?

Production and delivery times are approximately 7-15 working days for Italy and Europe, 15-30 working days for the rest of the world.

  • What couriers do we use?

Courier SDA or BRT. After shipment you will receive the Tracking number of the package to your email address.

  • How much is shipping?

Shipping costs throughout Italy, including the islands 9.90. Shipping to the rest of the world starting from 12.2.

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