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Tattoo Heart Collar

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Tattoo Heart collar, 5cm width, Gray - Ocher, double buckle

Tattoo Artist:Marco Cellini

Marco Cellini embarked on this artistic path in 2017, after having spent several years carrying out jobs that did not satisfy him, he made the decision to follow his dream. Becoming a tattoo artist.
Not having a base of artistic study, he tries his hand at old books and drawing courses to better express his art.
The style that represents it most is the Neotraditional, that is, thick outline of the design and finer lines for details inside, all filled with colors and shades to increase the depth of the image.

Times and Shipping

Production and delivery times are approximately 7-15 working days for Italy and Europe, 15-30 working days for the rest of the world.

We ship to Italy with SDA or DHL courier, for Europe and the rest of the world Poste Italiane or DHL. After shipment, the tracking number of the package will be sent.


To make the new collar for your dog you will need to measure the circumference of the neck using a tape measure. If a tape measure is not available, you can use a tape or a cord that you will run around the neck, then record the measurement on a ruler. To be sure of the measurement, repeat the operation a couple of times. The measurement should preferably be taken with the dog standing upright!